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Petition to make maternity wards infertile friendly

Make our NHS hospital wards and waiting rooms across the UK infertile friendly

There are 3.5m people affected by infertility in the UK. Yet their experience of our hospitals & surgeries only add to their grief and pain. Women who have suffered miscarriage, hysterectomies, gynae operations etc are placed in maternity wards/waiting rooms surrounded by pregnant women & babies.

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We are asking for:
• Separate rooms where women can wait for appointments away from pregnant women, babies and pregnancy poster campaigns
• Separate wards for women miscarrying their babies away from pregnant women, babies and maternity wards
• Separate rooms or wards for young women having had hysterectomies away from early pregnancy departments or maternity wards
• New legislation that means all NHS departments and GP surgeries provide safe environments for the infertile

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