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More To Life Webinar - Jessica Hepburn

Does Motherhood Make You Happy

Jessica Hepburn has become one of the UK’s leading patient voices on fertility and infertility. Having been through eleven rounds of unsuccessful IVF she is the author of two books The Pursuit of Motherhood and 21 Miles: swimming in search of the meaning of motherhood. She is also Director of Fertility Fest, the world’s first arts festival dedicated to fertility, infertility, modern families and the science of making babies.

In this webinar – Jessica will be exploring the central question of her new book – does motherhood actually make you happy? She’ll be talking about the quest she went on to find out whether she needed to find some way of becoming mother or whether she could have a fulfilling life without children. And she’ll be disclosing some of the wisdom she learnt from the 21 famous women she met for the book and what she has now concluded is the key to life fulfilment – including how maybe it’s possible to still be a mother if you’re childless.

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