Embodied by Cristina Archetti

This performance lecture about involuntary childlessness deals with the questions: What does it mean not to have children in a society that is organized around families? How do we uncover the stories that are silenced? How to tell the stories that are written in our bodies? How to communicate what cannot be conveyed by words?

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Introduction to Childlessness and the Arts by Stephanie Phillips

Today is a whole new concept for World Childless Week as we explore Childlessness and The Arts. I was not sure of how this day’s topic would be received but the response has been nothing but positive. People use ‘the arts’ in many ways to express their feeling of being childless and I hope you’ll take the time to watch, read and listen to what is shared today.

I’d like to start by sharing something I shared on my Facebook timeline in December 2014.

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