Dear Infertility

A few years ago my letter to you would be full of anger, resent and hatred. But now... Now I'm writing to you full of gratitude for the blessings you gave me these twenty years.

I thank you for my perfect love life with my beloved husband, when my friends tried to find some private moments for them and they couldn' t. For our trips and voyages and vacations with perfect sense of relaxation.For the books I read, for the books I wrote, for the languages I learned, for the luxuries I enjoyed without guilt. For the calm mornings, the romantic evenings, the joyous outings.

For the time and strength to care for my old and sick relatives, for the chance to offer community work.

For the time and ease to learn music, singing, handcrafting, to run, to swimm, to play, to surf in thousands internet pages with a cup of coffee. For the afternoon naps, for the careless thoughts. For the smooth youthful skin, for the unburdened body. For the old and new friends. For the times of prayer. For the children I helped. For the job I love. For the carefree living in a deep financial and moral crisis. For the sense of liberty and eternal youth.

Dear infertility, I'm still counting my blessings and I'm finding more and more. I'm sorry for misunderstanding you. One day I told you that you are a curse. I'M SORRY. You are a blessing, a God's gift for me. You made me see that we are not procreating machines, that our life's goal extends far beyond giving life, it's LIVING LIFE! And my life thanks to you is full and happy!

Dear Infertility, THANK YOU!