Mother's Day

Mother's day is most common during the months of March and May. Whilst the calendar may state this as being just one day, commercialism and social media ensure we cannot escape being inundated with adverts of gifts to purchase, weeks in advance.

Many of us find these preceding weeks and final day full of conflicting emotions. We want to celebrate our relationship with our mother and show our appreciation however this can inflame our pain of being childless. Those who attend any place of worship may be faced with a mother's day service that has the potential to upset and alienate. 

I have created a letter that can be sent to any religious establishment. It raises the issue of what it can feel like to attend a mother's day service, if you are childless not by choice. It asks them to consider us on mother's day.

If you would like to participate in raising awareness please print and send this letter to any religious establishments in your area. It doesn’t matter if you are religious or not. What matters is that we stand together and support each other through difficult situations. We may not make an immediate change but perhaps we can sow a seed that will make mother’s day services all encompassing in the future.  

I have set the letter up so that you can remain anonymous (if you wish) and the reader is redirected back to World Childless Week. If you would like to amend the letter into your own words, please feel free to do so.

This is just one way to help raise awareness and maybe start to make a positive out of a negative.