World Childless Week is now nearing its end.

To those of you who are childless. I hope that something within this week has touched your heart. I hope you realise that you are not alone. I hope that Friday helped you to find a little of your own self worth.

To those of you who are parents. I hope you understand that we don’t want your pity. We just want you to get a glimpse of how the world can sometimes appear, through our eyes. We want a little understanding and recognition that our grief is real.

Some of the articles have been heartbreaking. The emotions that have been shared are real. The struggles that people face are real. It would have been wonderful to have a week full of positivity and uplifting posts, but that would not be a full and honest representation of a childless life. It would not be helpful for those who are just reaching out for support. Those who need to know their thoughts and feelings are natural, acceptable and valid.  

The sadness and reality of discovering you will never be a parent can feel overwhelming and all encompassing. The constant reminder of being childless and the unexpected triggers can make it feel like you are stuck in a rut. It can feel like the pain will be never ending. I know and I understand these thoughts.

For me the pain has lessened but I’m not sure it will ever fully disappear. The triggers can still rear their ugly head. Last year three friends became grandparents within three weeks. I didn’t see that coming. It hurt. I had to dig within myself and analyse the pain. I knew it would happen at some point so in some ways I was prepared. But it still hurt.   

I will never forget that I wanted to be a mum, but I have moved on. I am still moving on. Today is about hearing how others have moved forward. How we can move forward together.

We can be happy. We can make new dreams.

Stephanie Phillips

Founder of World Childless Week