Believe in Your Own Value

I'm not religious. Baptised Christian Orthodox and coming from Greece, we are culturally conditioned to expect that we are going to get married and have a family with kids.

Having lived in 3 different countries away from where I was brought up and respecting what they say as norm. Whenever people ask me if I have children I simply say "No I don't have children" and look them straight in the eye. Don't remember the last time they said something in return that will trigger me.

A few years I was vulnerable and took it to heart. I have now accepted I will not be a mother and that's what I vibrate. Acceptance of where I am in my life and the enrichment shared through my practice, volunteering and working with parents and teachers to help their emotional wellbeing and also understanding their children's emotional world.

Whatever the comments people are saying, they reflect where they are and their perspective based on their education and personal experiences. The more you believe in your own value, in your own worth the less you get affected by inappropriate, insensitive and sometimes thoughtless or cruel. It has no meaning. It’s the reflection of their reality and I'm not the one who is going to show them, teach them or change them.

The way forward for me has been to be compassionate with myself and then it helps to be compassionate with others whose intention is not to hurt me. Simply they don't know better and I leave it to that. It took me a long time to create this emotional resilience after years of deep shifting, healing and accepting what is. Still depending on the moment I might get triggered but it's not as painful. Hope this helps a little.