We Are Worthy

Last year the initial World Childless Week was organised in 6 weeks.

After the week had finished I sat back and thought how good it would be to have a full 52 weeks to plan World Childless Week 2018. Suddenly it's March and 24 weeks have already flown by! So it's about time I started to talk about what subjects and ideas I have in mind for this World Childless Week.

Some of the days from last year will be repeated and other days are still open to discussion. The two days that I feel are essential and must be part of the week are

Moving Forwards and We Are Worthy.

Moving forwards and finding acceptance is what we all want. So whilst the week explores some of our darkest emotions it must also include positives. I hope you will share what has helped you, how you have moved forward and how your life has changed over the last year.

We are worthy was sadly the hardest day last year for people to commit an article to. I myself still struggle to say I am worthy with conviction so I understand how others feels the same. We are worthy will be back this year and every year that follows until we can all stand up and shout "I am worthy".


Stephanie Phillips

Founder of World Childless Week