Petition re:endometriosis - teach menstrual wellbeing in schools

My name is Alice, I'm 22, and for over 5 years, my periods ruined my life. I missed school regularly and suffered debilitating pain. Appointment after appointment, I was told this was completely normal. It was only later that I was finally diagnosed with endometriosis. So far, I’ve been hospitalised, had one surgery and I’m waiting for another.

My condition is not rare. It’s suffered by 10% of girls and women of reproductive age - that’s 1.5 million women in the UK. But, just like me, too many are waiting too long for a diagnosis. One reason is because schools aren’t teaching girls what menstrual health means.

The Government is currently updating its guidance for Sex & Relationship and PSHE lessons in England. Please sign my petition to get menstrual wellbeing included in the curriculum to prevent girls having to experience what I went through.

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