Book Review: Do You Have Kids? Life When The Answer Is No , plus win a copy in our competition!

Do You Have Kids? Life When The Answer is No

by Kate Kauffman

Not only does this book contain stories that are relatable and inspirational, Kate Kauffman shares insightful thoughts mixed with the bonus of interesting and educational facts. A mix of stories from women who are childless and childfree gives the reader a balanced view and provides a different thought pattern to enable one to explore how they see their own present and future.

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As a childless woman, my personal worth was often distorted with how I assumed I was a failure because I was unable to do the one biological fact that other women seemed to do within the blink of an eye; give birth. Hearing from those who have never questioned their worth based on reproduction or who have grown past their grief and have lead their life fully (surrounded or not surrounded) by children gives me the option to open my thoughts to new ideas.

The research that has been carried out and shared within ‘Do You Have Kids? Life When The Answer Is No’ is invaluable to me. Not only as something I can refer to for World Childless Week but also for personal decisions. Thank you Kate, for providing such a wealth of information that I hope will not only support the childless community but also help to educate those outside of it.

Stephanie Phillips

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