We Are Worthy - Fiona Tate, Countess Drusilla

I am a childless woman.

I am a daughter, a wife, a sister, a cousin, a niece, an aunt, a friend, a godmother.

I am a writer, a reader, a mental health advocate, a Psychologist, a mentor.

I am a lover, a fighter, a spiritualist, a music fan, a good listener, a goth, a survivor.

And I am childless by circumstance, not by choice.

It’s the last one that seems to unsettle people, myself included. This is the one that seems to tell people that I don’t matter. That my opinions are not valuable. That I don’t know how to love, or feel tired, or form an opinion of child-rearing skills. That I have nothing of value to contribute to my community or the world.

I can hear you scoffing from me here. Fine. Don’t read any further. Just be aware that the above paragraph is how society make us feel. Yes, a generalisation, and it doesn’t apply to everyone, obviously, but in general? Yes. That’s how it feels.

So here’s a small list that might help you understand why I matter, why I’m a valuable member of my community, and what I’m able to teach the world because of my unique perspective on this strange journey called life.

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