Posts to inspire you: Men Matter Too

Men do not talk so openly or share their emotions so readily about being childless; they are often the unseen and unheard halves of our story. Today we are going to focus on men and their words because men matter too.

Whilst you are welcome to submit something based on any subject covered over the other six days of the week there is no set topic because we want you to have the freedom to talk about what matters to you.

To inspire and comfort you, here’s a roll back to our 2018 Men Matter Too posts.

You have until 10th September to send your thoughts on this comment to us via the contact page, in complete confidence. We hope you’ll be part of World Childless Week 2019.

You don’t have to be a professional writer or artist. All you have to do is release the emotions from your heart and allow us to see a little of the world through your eyes.

When you get in contact please remember to include:

  • Your submission (500-800 words)

  • The title

  • Clarification on if you want to be credited or remain anonymous

  • A photo. You can provide us with your own photo or choose an image from a copyright free website, i.e. Pixabay or Unsplash. If you don’t want to provide a photo we can choose one for you.