Join us for World Childless Week

If you’ve been thinking about writing or creating content for World Childless Week then you’re not too late. We’ve extended the deadline to 10th September to send in a story, video, a photo or a scan of a piece of art. All you have to do is head to the contact page and send your words or images.

Steph and the Champions will be thrilled to hear from you and honoured that you’ve chosen to share your work with us. If you have any questions you can find most answers on our FAQ page, if not drop a line via the contact page.

You don’t have to be a professional writer or artist. All you have to do is release the emotions from your heart and allow us to see a little of the world through your eyes.

When you get in contact please remember to include:

  • Your submission (500-800 words)

  • The title

  • Clarification on if you want to be credited or remain anonymous

  • A photo. You can provide us with your own photo or choose an image from a copyright free website, i.e. Pixabay or Unsplash. If you don’t want to provide a photo we can choose one for you.

Join the Champions

You can also sign up to a host of webinars which are on our events page here.

This year we are thrilled to welcome new champions and a range of free webinars. You can chose from events across the world including a fireside chat in Australia, a live stream of music by Chiara Berardelli and exploring your creativity with Helen Segal. Jody Day brings her words of wisdom throughout the week and new champion, Kate Kauffman will be chatting to fellow author Dr Lorna Gibb. Plus we’ve got some great videos to share for Men Matter Too. And last of all there’s the Sunday ‘wind(e) down’ where you can bring a cuppa or something stronger and join the champions in a post-event chat. Every webinar is hosted by a different champion so you get to meet some of our amazing team too! Keep checking our events pages for news as we approach the 16th!

That’s not all!

Jody Day has set up a Gateway Women Reignite Weekend package exclusive for World Childless Week, find out more here.

It will all start on ‘World Childless Week Eve’, 15th September when The Full Stop podcast will be sharing their exclusive episode where Sarah Lawrence interviewed her co-presenters and WCW champions Berenice and Michael, plus founder Steph and other champions, to find out what this week means to them and their hopes for the future.

We hope you’ll join us, share the content if you feel comfortable doing so and most all, that it helps you and brings you comfort and inspiration.