The Empty Cradle

We’ve been contacted by many amazing people in our community about the important work that they do. We’d like to introduce you to The Empty Cradle - a healing community for childless women. Created by Sarah Roberts, a childless not by choice woman, The Empty Cradle supports women who have lost the opportunity for motherhood to grieve the loss and create a life they love. Sarah offers online counselling (by Skype/Zoom), in-person counselling (Brisbane Australia), a newsletter, online resources, workshops, courses and the power of a loving community.

You can view a video by Sarah by clicking here and the Empty Cradle website by clicking here.

Sarah says that, “The video was a collaboration with Kerry Warnholtz from Truth Seeker Images. It was created in 2017 about six months after we returned from walking the Camino de Santiago, (800km across north western Spain). It presents a snapshot in time when I was still in the acute grieving phase, two years later I look back fondly at the work and marvel at how far the healing journey has taken me.

“Motherhood and non motherhood are two equally challenging and satisfying pathways in life (which is difficult to see during the intense grieving). It is a surprise to have arrived in this place as my younger self simply could not have a imagined a meaningful and fulfilling life without children was something that was possible for me.It feels a blessing to be part of this conversation and it's been a delight to imbibe the creative work of fellow travellers.”

World Childless Week lists support groups, business groups and bloggers under the ‘Community menu’, all available to support you.