Listen to World Childless Week and The Full Stop podcast!

The Full Stop is a new podcast launched this year by champions Berenice Smith and Michael Hughes with Sarah Lawrence. The manifesto for the team is to..

To provide a cohesive voice to the childless-not-by-choice community, covering all of the topics that affect us.

Uniting the community and showing that you don’t need to do this alone, because there is a community of support out there. We want to give everyone a point of reference, with presenters and guests whom we can identify with and a voice, to assist those on their own path to acceptance.

The podcast publishes each month and covers a range of issues from mental health, writing and speaking. And now World Childless Week! Steph and some of our Champions poured a drink, crowded around Zoom and chatted to presenters Sarah, Michael and Berenice about World Childless Week and what it means to them.. It was great fun for the Champions to collaborate across the wires and Sarah’s questions bring a unique vibe to this podcast.

How to listen to The Full Stop podcast

You can listen to the Full Stop on their website, Apple and Spotify. Click on the button below to find out how. Do leave them a review as this helps them get noticed and promoted by the developers at these platforms.

Michael, Sarah and Berenice have also given us permission to share the Podbean link too! Listen to founder Stephanie with Jody Day, Robin Hadley, Rod Silvers, Vicky Page, Anne Barratt, Karin Enfield De Vries, Yvonne Maier, Bibi Lynch and Yvonne John!

We all hope you enjoy it!