Are you ready for World Childless Week?

This week is always emotional

You will feel inspired, uplifted and overwhelmed at times and we understand. We’ve all felt that grief and wondered ‘how will I cope?’ Please do make contact if you need us. Here’s how.

  • All the Champions are online, running their own groups and you can find their details simply by clicking under their photos on the home page here.

  • You can also drop Stephanie and Berenice an email through this website or via Twitter - use the hashtag #worldchildlessweek if you like too.

  • Vicky, Meriel and Berenice will be manning the World Childless Week Facebook page all week. You can also add a frame to your profile pic if you search ‘World Childless Week 2019’ under the frame option.

  • You can listen to the Champions on the Full Stop podcast.

  • We have published a list of support groups under the Community tab.

We look forward to welcoming you tomorrow to the start of this amazing week, founded by Stephanie. We also hope you’ll join us for the end of week wind down next Sunday.

With hugs from

Stephanie, Berenice, Michael, Anne, Catherine-Emmanuelle, Vanida, Yvonne M, Jody, Ruth, Cristina, Gloria, Linda, Bibi, Robin, Stella, Yvonne John, Lesley, Rod, James, Jessica, Meriel, Vicky, Sandy, Kate and Karin