Changing the Narrative on Hope

We are delighted to share this interview with Jody Day by Natalie from The Fertilty Podcast/Health Radio.

The interview starts at 6 mins (you may wish to skip as the interviewee before Jody is a fertility nurse) . Robin and Rod, our World Childless Week champions are mentioned, as is diversity in childlessness which we’ll be covering in more detail with Jody during World Childless Week. There’s more about the narrative of childlessness and Cristina Archetti's work around childlessness representation in films, plus… GW 'We are Worthy' Meetups for WCW, The GW Reignite Weekend and how the narrative around childlessness has changed in the last decade and what else needs to change


The show ends with a question from a listener about AMF tests which listeners might want to skip (starts at 49mins).

Here’s the link below!