This Time Tomorrow - Stephanie Phillips

Less than one day, less than 24 hours until World Childless Week 2018 starts.

We have seven days ahead of us to raise awareness and help spread the message that there is support available. No one needs to feel alone. This week is about all of us and I need your support to make it happen. Here are a few ways you may be able to help.

World Childless Week - its your time to shine.png

Like, comment, share

A simple "like" to a post can make a real difference to the person who gathered up their courage to share their words. 

If you feel strong enough to share a post to your own timeline or to a group you could make a difference. Just because people don't always respond doesn't mean you haven't reached the eyes of someone who is silently struggling.

Social Media Images

Consider uploading one of the social media images to share on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account. Or update your Facbook profile picture with the official World Childless Week 2018 Facebook frame.

Press Release

If you would like to try and make a difference in your town or city, you could download the official World Childless Week press release and email it to your local papers.




I don't find it easy to add this link but unfortunately running World Childless Week costs money. So far my husband has covered all of the expenses but I cannot expect him to payout indefinitely.

Besides the running costs of the website I have other ideas that I would like to implement. My first is something that has been in my head for several years. I would like to get leaftlets and posters out across the world to medical establishments and public buildings; to help anyone childless by infertility or childless by circumstance know they are not alone.

If you can spare a couple of pounds or more to ensure World Childless Week returns year on year I would appreciate your support to make it happen