Terry and Jude - guest review by @wearemanynomos

A theatrical performance around male childlessness and infertility

A recent theatrical production provided and ideal opportunity to learn more about male childlessness and also show support for greater exposure and discussion of the whole subject.

Some men can be somewhat reticent to discuss their feelings in general but particularly those related to aspects of masculinity, providing for family, self-esteem and mental health.

The play “Terry and Jude” The play “Terry and Jude” featured just 2 make actors and covered a range of topics with great humour, pathos and sympathy. The pair even busted some dance moves accompanied by tracks from the likes of George McRae and Justin Timberlake. Who knew setting a dinner table and the choreographed use of an apron could be so hilarious??

The simple set was cleverly utilised as both Jude's living room and the Cafe where he runs a support group for childless men. It also allowed the audience to not be distracted from the

fast-paced content of the story by ornamentation.

The story sees Jude ask Terry to help him adopt a child by moving in with him and acting as though these two single heterosexual men are a same sex couple. When Terry agrees they quickly begin to discover the other's life story is much more complicated and hidden than they could have anticipated. Infidelity, longing, betrayal, differing needs within relationships are just some of the truths revealed as tension between the two men grows. The result of which is an explosive shattering of their friendship and Terry's dramatic departure.

Later, replying to a phone caller about the support group Jude powerfully closes the play with the quiet line [and realisation] “Yes, I'm always here”. So poignant for those who have exposed their own pain to support others and moving for any of us who have ever felt 'left behind' by others during our lives.

If this play ever tours, as I think it should, do go and see it. Even if the subject is not a factor in your life, you will learn, and, considering the issue, laugh an awful lot!


Rod Silvers

Rod Silvers

James Petherick

James Petherick

Both Rod and James are World Childless Week Champions who will be participating in Men Matter Too on Thursday 13th Sept