Almost ready!

We're almost ready and with over 1,000 of you looking at our website these past few weeks, we imagine you are too! World Childless Week starts tomorrow and it's been an epic few months. I'm sending this little post over the wires mostly to check all our feed works from the website! 

Your content has come from across the world and we've been carefully placing it on the website, ensuring your work is looking at it's best and shedding a few tears too. It's incredibly moving to think that this site has such a need and it's placed so highly. The responses to the surveys and the interaction on groups all over Facebook and in the media tell us that we need this week.

Over the next week, starting tomorrow morning with Steph's post, you'll read content from people who have never shared their thoughts and feelings before. We really wanted to place new writers and creators first. You'll hear from Champions and we'll also do our best to collect up World Childless Week news from across the world as other bloggers write about it in our end of the (UK) day round up. 

Before we kick off please may I ask you to raise a virtual glass or send a cheer to Stephanie Phillips. World Childless Week is her idea. We (the team and Champions) are delighted to know her and thrilled to be part of this team. We'd never have a World Childless Week without her tenacity and determination. 

Have a wonderful week!

Berenice Smith, Walk In Our Shoes