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Media Request

Journalist Rachel Halliwell is working on an article for the women's section of the Daily Mail.

She has been inspired by a first person piece that was written by a woman in her 50s who is both childless and parentless talking about how out of step with her 'Sandwich Generation' peers she feels as they find themselves caring for children and ageing parents at the same time.

Rachel wants to speak to other women in the same situation - who are in their fifties and childless with no living parents. She wants to explore this issue from an emotional and psychological perspective by including several voices in the piece.

She would ideally like people to be happy to be named and photographed, but would also accept testimony from people who would prefer to speak under a pseudonym. If you are in this situation and would like to share personal insight with Rachel then please message me (Steph) and I will put you in touch with her. She assures me that anyone speaking under their own name will have their quotes read back to them before publication.