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Art, Healing and Moving Forward with Helen Segal

Earlier in the year I (Stephanie Phillips) watched Helen Segal of Grieve with Love and Kindness in a webinar where participation was encouraged. I was a little aprehensive of what delight or disaster I would create but I thoroughly enjoyed the process and was quietly happy with what I created. The biggest thing to remember is as Helen put it in an email to me:


Materials: A double page in a sketchbook, journal or a piece of paper. Nothing special. Pens / Felt Tips. Scissors and a prit-stick. And a Magazine which you are happy to tear up.

Come and join me rest on a piece of paper with anything you have on your mind. Find answers to questions or problems you have, through writing and creativity. I have found being childless out of circumstance a mind field of emotions and personal growth. I have had to really grow from the inside out and at times It has felt one of the hardest things I have done and am doing in my life.

The grief has been intense, not only from the loss of having a family I so desperately wanted of my own, but from old worn out beliefs that I have carried since my childhood. I have had to connect deep into my very being and change my root belief that I don’t belong to “I belong and I am loveable just the way I am”.

As well as rediscovering who I am and the meaning of my life. It has been a journey and a half, which I am still on. At the beginning I was thrashing about and I really mean thrashing, but today, not so much. In fact I have times that I am actually enjoying the journey and my life. I am meeting amazing people and growing into the woman I know I am meant to be.

I have spent the last 22 years exploring the world of Art, Creativity and Healing and journalling for 30+ years, The technique I am demonstrating in this mini workshop has come from a process I have been learning and training in this year called Cosmic Smashbooking by Cat Geller which I have to say has given my work an extra dimension. It is exciting and powerful.

Come and join me and learn a fun way of moving forward through creativity.

In love and kindness

Helen Segal

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Helen Segal

Helen Segal

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Emotional Release Through Creativity