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Living Your Life to the Full by Russell Davis - More to Life Webinar

Russell is a performance and mind coach, helping people find clarity of mind which leads to greater wellbeing, bigger results and clearer purpose. Russell has personal experience of infertility and helps people find flow in their life.

As we head into Spring Russell will be looking at ways to refind your passion for life. How do you find your mojo for life when you’ve lost it? How do you get clarity on what you want in life when you can’t have the thing to you want? When I got my fertility result and it seemed all was lost, there wasn’t any chance of us having a child and that triggered a personal journey of becoming aware of and letting go of my own limiting beliefs and victim mentality. I realised I wasn’t happy in life. I had no idea what I really wanted to create with my life. I now live a life I love, doing what I love and feel a purpose. I help others do the same.

Join Russell to find out how you can find your flow and passion again for life.

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