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Writing for Wellbeing by Deborah Sloan - More to Life Webinar

Deborah is a fertility counsellor, creative writing facilitator and childlessness blogger at  She runs support groups and creative writing workshops for people living with fertility issues, those who are living with dementia and adults who are in recovery from addiction.  She believes that creative techniques can be powerful tools in the process of self-discovery and in the healing from the effects of loss and grief.  In her ‘Write to Create’ workshops she employs playful, thought-provoking techniques and activities that lead participants towards the catharsis of self-expression and the mutual support found in the sharing of their writing.

In this More to Life Webinar, Deborah will describe how both keeping a journal and reading and writing poetry helped, and continues to help, her through the grief of childlessness.  She will give an overview of some of the material and creative writing techniques she uses in the “Write to Create’ support workshops she runs for people who are navigating feelings of loss and grief associated with their childlessness.  She will invite you to take part in one or two non-obligatory activities, should you wish to get first-hand experience.  You do not need any prior experience of poetry, writing or creative pursuits.  All you need to bring to the Webinar is a pen and some paper (optional), your curiosity and a willingness to engage with a little of your innate playfulness and creativity.

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