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20 Tools To Help Manage Emotions

Sunday 22 September, 8pm Sydney time (11am London time)

There are times when our thoughts and emotions start to get the better of us. Sometimes this happens when we're alone, and don't have anyone to call upon, and can't get an appointment with your support person for days or weeks. In this live workshop I'll take you through 20 exercises that you can use at home to help you better manage your emotions. If you don't learn to manage your emotions your emotions will manage you. 

My name is Anne Barratt and I am a qualified and registered multi-disciplinary health and mind-set practitioner, including Mind Body Sciences and Positive Psychology. My own path through childlessness led me on a journey to learn why I had failed. I wasn't getting answers from any of the medical professionals I sought help from, and they all had children. I wanted to learn how the body and mind worked in detail so that I could heal and improve my mindset to better achieve goals for a better future, and a better way of living. I've turned all my learnings now into a successful business helping others to achieve this also.

This session will be recorded so that the resource will be available to view later also. If you wish to take part live yet want to remain anonymous feel free to change your name and not turn on your camera.  

For more information and to register for this webinar click here

Anne Barratt

Anne Barratt

For more information and to register for this webinar click here

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