Donating to World Childless Week

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World Childless Week is run entirely voluntary

All the Champions and Steph donate their time for free and Hello Lovely provided the website build and design as a donation. However there are costs we can't control. Every penny received will be used solely for the benefit of World Childless Week. The initial donations will help with the hosting of the website, the newsletter, webinars and additional sundry costs.

Your donations will help to print leaflets and posters that can be distributed across the world to doctor’s surgeries, hospitals, fertility clinics, libraries and other public buildings. These leaflets will let anyone who is childless due to infertility or circumstances know they are not alone. By directing them to World Childless Week they will discover that there is a whole community waiting to embrace and support them throughout the year.

You're always welcome to ask where your fees go and we'll blog regularly about this for complete transparency.

If you would like to donate then you can click on the button below which will take you to a secure payment system run by Stripe. We really cannot express in words how much your support means to Steph and all the team, we're very grateful for any amount large, or small.