World Childless Week wants to support those who are childless not by choice to be confident and proud of who they are and the business services and products that they provide.  Whilst World Childless Week cannot vouch for the services and products advertised we are grateful for the support that these companies and individuals have shown to help raise awareness.

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Hello Lovely

Hello Lovely logo.png

Hello Lovely is an award-wining design agency run by Berenice Smith who designed this website. Hello Lovely works with established and start-up companies, publishers and businesses who have a problem with design, workload or creative direction. Hello Lovely provides a proactive solution, helping with the creative to deliver an improved product or service.

World Childless Week is extremely grateful to Berenice Smith of Hello Lovely for creating the World Childless Week website.

This is their link.

Fiona Tate Wordcaster


Fiona Tate is a Wordcaster who spends her days making magic with the written word. She’s a freelance creative writer, blogger, and copywriter who focuses on positive mental health, body positivity and women’s issues.

Fiona holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and has over 25 years experience working in mental health. This, combined with her own experience as a woman who is childless by circumstance and not by choice mean she is able to tell your story with empathy, compassion, and dignity.

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The Childless Not By Choice Magazine

 The launch issue of The CNBC magazine

The launch issue of The CNBC magazine

The Childless Not By Choice Magazine is the first of its kind. Nicci Fletcher is a published writer who decided to make her dream of a childless not by choice online magazine come true after being inspired from participating in World Childless Week.

The first issue is available to view online for free. Amongst an array of interesting and informative topics there is also a video interview with Stephanie Phillips, the founder of World Childless Week.

This is their link.