World Childless Week wants to support those who are childless not by choice to be confident and proud of who they are and the business services and products that they provide.  Whilst World Childless Week cannot vouch for the services and products advertised we are grateful for the support that these companies and individuals have shown to help raise awareness.

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Hello Lovely

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Hello Lovely is an award-wining design agency run by Berenice Smith who designed this website. Hello Lovely works with established and start-up companies, publishers and businesses who have a problem with design, workload or creative direction. Hello Lovely provides a proactive solution, helping with the creative to deliver an improved product or service.

Hello Lovely are offering 30% off all design work which is exclusive to World Childless Week. Hello Lovely designs logos, branding (with a range of pre-priced packages), marketing material, newsletters, magazines and websites using Squarespace and WordPress. With many years of book publishing design and production, Berenice is also extending this offer to print and ebooks including covers and inside pages for fiction and reference. This offer applies to Hello Lovely’s work only (website hosting fees, image library costs, printing or production fees are subject to supplier or third party pricing and not in the control of Hello Lovely).

World Childless Week is extremely grateful to Berenice Smith of Hello Lovely for creating the World Childless Week website.

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After The Storm


Hi I'm Sarah, my mission is to help as many of you as possible to go from a painful past to a purposeful and passionate future. It’s that simple!

There’s nothing quite like a broken dream to really leave you feeling damaged, shattered and wondering what the heck your purpose is then if it isn’t to have children, like everyone else. That was me, not so very long ago. After many years of trying, one miscarriage and many, many medical treatments, I was informed that it just simply wouldn’t be possible for me to have children naturally. And that’s why I created After the Storm, because it takes a lot of guts and determination to get to acceptance. 

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Beyond the Empty Womb

Hi, I’m Suzan Muir and this November I’m are offering a 5 day eco-retreat, ‘Beyond the Empty Womb,’ for women who are childless not by choice.The retreat will be held on our land in the Grampians, Australia. I’m also CNBC and after several years of profound grief work I’m now living my life from a place of deep acceptance. My professional background is in nursing, wilderness guiding and rite of passage facilitation. I regularly lead nature based experiences for women.

This peer supported retreat provides the opportunity to be heard and witnessed in a carefully facilitated group discussion circle. Each day we will be engaging with contemplative forest walks and guided nature based meditation. The themes we will be exploring are self care, grief, creativity, inspiration and connection.The last two days of the retreat are designed to explore what is meaningful in our lives beyond the dream of children.

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Finn & Mama


My name is Sarah Malm, and I am an artist based in Saint Paul, Minnesota using my growing knowledge of creative paper and stamping art to create unique greeting card designs. 

Finn & Mama Designs strives to create one of a kind greeting cards and other art work for you and your special occasion.  I am committed to providing clients with the best possible experience through artistic expression.

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Women without children Loving the world


I've gone through the pain and hurt of my situation. No that's not true. I haven't gone "through it." It's still there, every day, and it doesn't go away. But I've learned to use that pain, to channel it into something creative.

But that's not all. I'm going to help you share your story too. I've developed a program that will help women without children work with their grief and pain and turn it into something wonderful. Into something that will help heal ourselves and the people we reach. We have a unique perspective and view of the world that the world needs to hear.

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From The Mud The Lotus

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My name is Samina Khan. I am an explorer and navigator of the human condition. For more than twenty years I have immersed myself within the study of psychology, spirituality and therapy. My journey has always sought to include a full mind, body and spiritual dimension and to this end I have trained as  a Transpersonal therapist, Life-Coach, DanceMandala facilitator, TRE provider, Self-Compassion coach, Inner Dance facilitator and my journey continues.

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Melanie Drage Tapping Into Change


You care far too much about what other people think of you.  Maybe you put everyone elses needs before your own and find it so hard to say no. Your confidence, self belief and overall self esteem is at an all time low. You feel anxious, exhausted and lack motivation and so desperately want to change this but don’t know how.

You’ve tried everything but nothing seems to work. You just want to feel happy again, ‘normal’ even. 

I have been there and I understand how you’re feeling right now. The good news is – I can help.

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Meriel Whale Counselling

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Meriel Whale is childless not by choice, and offers counselling to men and women in the same position. She also offers general counselling to all aged 16+. She qualified in 2010 from Brighton University. 

Talking to a counsellor can help us understand events in our lives, identify and express our emotions and talk about things that distress us to the point that we're struggling to cope. It can enable us to resolve difficult situations and feelings, make positive changes and move forward with renewed confidence, self belief and a sense of wellbeing. Accepting the idea of a different future to the one you have envisaged is a brave decision and it can bring with it feelings of loss, anger and profound sadness. No one has experienced childlessness in quite the same way as anyone else.

We all need to tell our story in our own way and it can be very helpful to talk to a professional at this time.

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