World Childless Week 2017 began when Stephanie Phillips had an idea for a global awareness week which she mentioned to a few close friends. Inspired by their enthusiasm, she spoke to the childless not by choice community who rallied round and stepped forward to offer their support. 

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About Stephanie

Stephanie Phillips is passionate about raising awareness for the childless not by choice. After realising that there was no national recognition of the community she decided to start World Childless Week. She helps to administrate the Facebook based group called Childless Path To Acceptance for those past the point of trying to conceive and founded Childless Chit Chat and Childless Perks!! whose emphasis is on breaking away from the support and building friendships and finding laughter in a safe child-free zone.  

Steph lives in Worcestershire. She enjoys her aqua classes and occasional trips to the gym but prefers to eat out and then relax in front of the television with a puzzle book and one of her two rescue cats snuggled up beside her.  She is writing a self-help book about being childless not by choice after researching the thoughts and emotions of over 200 women.

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